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Random Royaling – Summer of Solid Trouser Suits

I don’t have to tell you (but I will) that my summer print fatigue has been strong this year. I was overjoyed to see some solids among the Belgian National Day ensembles last week, and that led me to a bit of digging. Have we seen solid colors on our royal ladies this summer? Why, yes, we have! So many that I narrowed this post down to the solid trouser suits, and it might surprise you as to who reaches for the solid option most often.

Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia has a bit more of her closet devoted to tailored clothes than some of her fellow royals, but tailored suits aren’t a hugely popular choice for her during the summer months.

During the NATO summit last month, she visited the CREADE Refugees Center in one of her royal re-wears, a sharp business-like Carolina Herrera white trouser suit. Paired with the sleek royal lady ponytail, it made her look crisp and in-charge.

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The Queen attended the 5th conference on ‘The Informative Treatment of Disabilities In Media’ at the Vallehermoso stadium wearing another solid entry, and another repeat, her Adolfo Domínguez SS2020 chambray linen trouser suit.

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Duchess of Cambridge

Ah, here’s a royal we’ve been begging to explore the possibilities of a solid business suit, and lo and behold she indulged us – a little. Who’s to quibble with a little McQueen, though?

For a roundtable with Government ministers and the Early Years sector the Duchess of Cambridge wore a new-to-us Alexander McQueen pink trouser suit.

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For a visit with the Duke to the ELEVATE initiative at Brixton House, the Duchess brought back the white Alexander McQueen blazer and trousers first worn during the Caribbean tour.

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Crown Princess Mary

I was surprised that Mary didn’t have more suit entries – print or solid. She does seem to tilt more to printed bohemian, flowing clothes during the summer months.

During her trip to the Netherlands with Prince Frederik, she visited the Royal Academy of Arts wearing a Scanlon Theodore suit in a country-appropriate orange tone.

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Princess Marie

Princess Marie – who has been working away, pretty much unoticed all summer – wore a couple of truly tailored Emporio Armani suits. In June, she paid a visit to the Klitgaarden Refugium in Skågen (a refuge for writers and artists) wearing her deep blue suit.

She also gave a speech at an evening bonfire a few nights later, focusing on the importance of unity in a time discord. This is another Armani suit, which lends some gravitas to the event.

Queen Mathilde

Strangely, Queen Mathilde, who I STRONGLY associate with a bold print, wore quite a selection of solid trouser suits and ensembles so far this summer.

The Queen visited MicroStart, in Antwerp, wearing a Natan trouser suit in what I would call muted orange – but I have learned that your mileage may vary quite a bit on that.

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 For a meeting and speech to the European Microfinance Network in June, the Queen wore one of her solid separate ensembles, this time in red. This is they type of outfit I like on her – comfortable, flowing, yet still business like.

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Later in June, during the 15th edition of the European Development Days, she wore a similar ensemble in white.

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The Queen greeted the Unicef Director, Catherine Russell, wearing an often-repeated blue suit. I can understand why she reaches for it – it’s definitely a flattering workhorse for her wardrobe.

What do you think of the suits?