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Random Royaling – Summer Whites

The warmth arrived and the white clothes came out!

The Queen of Spain inspected the troops and delivered the National Flag to the Commander of the Special Naval War Force. She managed to look both feminine and business-like in her Sfera Lace Bodycon Dress, but it’s those aquamarine earrings that make the look for me.

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The Earl and Countess of Wessex are on a three-day Jubilee trip to Gibraltar. They experienced a five-hour delay when their plane had to head back to London because of technical issues, but they made it. Honestly, those two have been nothing if not energetic, and I can’t imagine how much coffee they have to consume to keep going.

Sophster looks good in this Valentino dress, doesn’t she? I like the skirt detail and scalloped hem and the Prada point-toe pumps. Wear more white, Mrs. Wessex.

We really need to do a Spring Queen Silvia retrospective because she’s been keeping busy and looking great this month. This appearance falls into our white theme, so we’re highlighting this lovely suit worn to a series of events in Helsingborg. The Queen traveled with the Crown Princess and viewed several initiatives that serve to make lives easier for those with dementia. The Queen wore a repeated nubby suit with her much-loved Chanel flats (also worn by the Monacos earlier this week). If you look at closeups it appears to have roses incorporated into the fabric.

Well, Victoria didn’t fall into the white theme, but she looked very business-like in her bold suit.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore her Self-Portrait cream boucle jacket with a chiffon skirt to the recent Jubilee Platinum Party. Granted, this falls on the cream end of the white spectrum, but it was a crisp choice for an event where she was seen primarily from the shoulders up.

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Do the white clothes ping spring to you like they do for me?