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Random Royaling – The Classics

Let’s take a look at Classic Edition Queens mixing it up and keeping the winter blues at bay.

We’re starting with Queen Sofia because she is the very definition of “let’s try something different today” here. I am not sure I have ever seen that brooch on her before – or on anyone, for that matter. No worries, she’s wearing a suit to give it a run for the money, visually. Thanks for being a beacon in the dark late winter, my lady.

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We know Daisy loves to decorate, and here she is showing off her new chairs to Fred (who injured himself skiing, apparently). I am of the school that thinks those chairs look like they belong in a summer house, but no one is asking my opinion on how to decorate a palace. Daisy looks mighty chuffed and super festive in her red, which suits her well.

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Ved et arrangement på Christiansborg Slot fik Hendes Majestæt Dronningen og Hans Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsen i dag præsenteret en samling af nydesignede taffelstole. Stolene er en fødselsdagsgave til Dronningen og skal fremover supplere de traditionelle guldstole ved Kongehusets officielle begivenheder. Første gang de nye stole tages i brug bliver ved Majestætens 80-års fødselsdag til april. I den nye taffelstol er der i designet lagt særlig vægt på robusthed, så stolen kan holde længere end sin forgænger. Samtidigt er stolene udført i en grå farve og med en form, der gør det lettere at opbevare dem på slottet. De nye taffelstole er designet af arkitekt Søren Ulrik Petersen og produceret på det danske møbelsnedkeri PP Møbler. 📸 Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset ©

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The lovely Sonja, who has never shirked from a jewel tone, came out in this deep shade of eggplant. Cozy on a dark night, right? I am marveling over the beads around her neck – gobstoppers, whatever they are.

We mentioned Captain Sweden’s fur hat on the other post, but Sils wears the Sami traditional dress well, doesn’t she? Bright colors suit her, and I sort of wish I had something colorful to don this long last week of February.

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How do you think the Classic fared?