Random Royaling – All the Danes Represent

Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary attended the 70th anniversary of the Danish Home Guard, which was celebrated with a parade at Nymindegab Camp in Norre Nebel. Mary, the Crown Princess who neither rests nor sleeps, was promoted to Captain. She wears that uniform well, and I adjusted my own posture just a bit while looking at these photos. Daisy is resplendent in her checks, but I want to see her repeat that ensemble in the autumn.

Embed from Getty Images

Oh, and these crazy kids made a late breaking appearance too late for LiL’s “Catching Up” post so they get randomized here. Marie’s Closet has additional information on the Goat dress Marie is sporting, and sporting well if I may say so ; ).

So, what’s your take? Do you think Mary wears the uniform well? Is Goat good for Marie? Does Daisy in her (brimmed!) hat and checks make you smile?