Random Royaling – The Danes Support Daisy

Queen Margrethe is an artistic dynamo, as we know. What I didn’t know was that she has been the scenographer at Tivoli since 2001. This year, she created costumes and the theatrical scenery for the ballet “Snow Queen”, and she took a bow at the end of the performance. Her grandchildren, Felix, Isabella, Josephine and Vincent were there for support, as was Crown Princess Mary.

Mary wore some repeats, all brought together in chic black and white. Daisy was a long, slim, drink of water in her blue. Isabella and Josephine wore new-to-us ensembles.

Clothing rollcall:

  • Queen Margrethe – Blue midi, designer unknown.
  • Crown Princess Mary – Oscar de la Renta black dress, Joseph coat (white)
  • Princess Isabella – Baum und Pferdgarten skirt, Hugo Boss coat
  • Princess Josephine – Designers Remix coat

Those of you who were missing Crown Prince Frederik – and you know who you are – he and Mary recently greeted President of the European Court of Human Rights, Robert Spano. Also, flappie-lovers will note that Mary is not only wearing them but wearing them well here.