Random Royaling – The Danish Sisters

Two thirds of them, anyway. Still a good showing.

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the reunification of South Denmark. It’s a long and interesting topic, which you can learn about here. For our purposes, it means a stream of events throughout the year, which most of the royals will attend, culminating in the central celebration on July 10 and 11. The gala event at The Royal Theatre is the first of these, and Benedikte and Daisy were there, fur on, to represent.

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Don’t you want to sip some champagne and chat with these two?

On Sunday, The Queen returned in more fur for a memorial service at Copenhagen Cathedral. As she does for events of significance, the Daisy brooch (or one of them, I am not sure if she has more than one), is in evidence. I love this angle for the view of the top of the hat detail.

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Are you looking forward to the centennial events?