Random Royaling – The Edwardians

Yesterday, Princes William and Charles along with Catherine and Camilla, Duchesses of Cambridge and Cornwall, visited the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Stanford Hall. If you wonder why I am being so formal, it’s because I feel transported back to a more refined time. Between Cams hat and Kate’s McQueen ensemble, you could be forgiven for thinking that the quartet of senior British royals had stepped out of the late Belle epoque.

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Good Housekeeping, 1909

Kate wore McQueen, a nice nod to the design house on the tenth anniversary of the founder’s death, and it looks as if Cams wore the badge from her father’s unit, the 12th Lancers. Anyone with better military acumen, or just better eyes, can correct me if I’m wrong in the comments.

If you wanted a glimpse of Cams ensemble without the coat, here you go! More Marlo Thomas That Girl than Edwardian, I’m afraid.

It was a good, warm visit. William took a turn sinking a basket from a wheelchair, to the delight of the participants and the surprise of his family.

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You tell me: Does my Edwardian theory hold up?