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Random Royaling – Royal Lady Suits

You know I love a good outing of the Royal Lady Suit (RLS), and these entries have something for everyone – brooch lovers, minimalists and those who crave COLOR above all else.


The Prince and Princess of Wales attended a pre-campaign launch event at BAFTA, hosted by The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. The Princess wore a Welsh red Alexander McQueen trouser suit and a pair of her highly recognizable Chalk Florence earrings. The asymmetric blazer is also owned by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. 

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We also have a lovely surprise for the 85th birthday of Princess Beatrix. A series of official portraits of the Princess, King, and the Princess of Orange have been released. Princess Beatrix is wearing a brooch that is part of her personal collection and has been since the sixties (H/T to our good friend Triple A for that tidbit!). Princess Amalia is in a lovely sleek suit – which I think is very flattering!


What are your thoughts?