Random Royaling – Victoria and Daniel Official Portrait

We’re rounding out our week of all Vic and Dan, all the time. They provided a handy wrap-up by releasing an official photo, and it is a beauty.

Per New My Royals, it appears Victoria’s dress is a floaty, feminine floral by Frida Jonsvens. Be still my heart, it even has a small, transparent train. It is wonderful on her, and coordinates well with the gardens at Gustav III’s pavilion at the Haga Palace. Daniel is not so shabby, either. As a perennial fan of hair bling, I applaud the flowing hair and the deployment of the hair ornament (alas not identified).

Svensk Dam

Thank you for being with us through this week of a wonderful retrospective. I hope Victoria and Daniel enjoy celebrating their anniversary as much as we did re-living it.

If you liked this remember that in about ten months we have another big ten year anniversary coming up!