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Random Royaling – When Harry Met Margriet

The lovely and impish Princess Margriet accompanied the handsome and impish Prince Harry at the launch of the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands. Princess Margriet is the Dutch representative for the games, due to debut in the Netherlands next year. In the meantime, the Duke of Sussex was presented with an Invictus Games baby grow for Archie, who, who knows, may just accompany his parent to the next launch.

I have no information on Margriet’s ensemble, but just let us drink it in in all its springtime freshness. Great print, zazzy blue shoes, and the best hair on a Classic Edition Princess this side of the fabulous Cams. I am officially dazzled.

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What do you think of this royal pairing? Charming? Puckish? A heck of a good time?