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Rocking The Royal Lady Hard Hat

Will and Kate visited the Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot, South Wales on Tuesday, February 4th, and looking at her looking fabulous in a hard hat got your friendly neighborhood hofdames to thinking: What is it about Royal Ladies that makes them look so good in hard hats? Maybe you can tell us.

Since Kate is the one that kicked this whole question off, let’s take a look at her first. The other day in Wales, in Sunderland in 2018, and her first Royal Lady hard hat experience in Denmark, right after her wedding in 2011.

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Not to be out done, here are some other British royal ladies over the years. Look at Anne. You know she just single handedly provided power to Hucknall for the next six months.

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The British ladies certainly make an effort, but I’d be willing to bet Vickan wears more hard hats than anyone. It seems she’s good for at least a half dozen hard hatted engagements a year.

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So what do you think of our choices? Do you have a favorite photo of royal ladies donning hard hats/safety gear? Drop them in the comments, and be sure to let us know why you think they look so good!