Royal Inspirations

It’s the weekend, although with the lives we lead these days it probably doesn’t feel too different from the week, right? This post was inspired by a community member suggestion, and we think it will be a good way to while away a bit of weekend time when you need to get away from the family, or you have watched the Bernadotte documentary as much as you can for the moment.

The question is: how has royal watching inspired you? So we don’t go too far afield into personal discussion, we ask that you limit your answers to one of the following categories:

  • Places you have visited.
  • Books, music, and movies (all media) that you have read or listened to.
  • Things you have created.

I’ll start. My first royal inspiration falls into the category of media. Here is my royal book collection, or part of it. You can see I fall into the glossy, frivolous end of the reading spectrum.

In pursuit of royal history, I’ve visited Versailles, The Tower of London, Hampton Court, Alhambra, and my very favorite, Edinburgh Castle. As far as creations go, this blog is the biggie.

So what about you?