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Royal Mythbusters: Legs

Myth (noun\ (ˈmith ) – a widely held but false belief or idea.  
synonyms:  mistaken belief, false notion, fiction, delusion, figment of the imagination.

What else should we tackle? How about legs. Royal ladies must NEVER cross, expose too much of, or have “naked” legs! If any of the aforementioned occurs, fire will rain down from the sky!Okay, I might have added that last bit myself but you get the point.

Reader’s Digest lists it as their NUMBER ONE transgression“One of the worst things a woman in the royal family can do—as far as etiquette rules go—is sit with her legs crossed at the knee.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not saying a word to Anne. NOT A WORD.

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In-Style Magazine – “Royals leave sleeveless and short dresses by the wayside.”

Pretty sure fashion trends have more to do with today’s longer skirts than any “rules”.

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Victoria Arbiter “You never see a royal without their nude stockings. I would say that’s really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the Queen requires.”

Nearly every royal lady out there has broken this supposed rule. From Queens to Crown Princesses and right on down the food chain. Just look for knobby knees and crazy toes. They go without more than you could ever imagine.

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And while we’re speaking of Her Maj, this last “rule” has nothing to do with legs but with feet, which as we all know are leg adjacent. From the experts at Babygaga– “Only closed toe shoes are permitted.”

Peep-toes were about the only type of shoe Betty wore through out the 50s! I can’t imagine that she’s suddenly developed a BURNING HATRED for them, thereby banning them for all eternity.

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Let’s see your favorite royals breaking the legs “rules” in the comments! And don’t forget to leave your suggestions for more rules to cover.