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Royal Mythbusters: Nail Polish

Myth (noun\ (ˈmith ) – a widely held but false belief or idea.  
synonyms:  mistaken belief, false notion, fiction, delusion, figment of the imagination.

Welcome to another installment of Royal Mythbusters! Today we’ll tackle the myth that royal ladies are forbidden to wear colored nail polish. Of course they can wear colored nail polish. My guess is the reason that most don’t (or do so only sparingly) is due to the high “chip-factor”. (I personally haven’t worn a dark shade on my fingernails in at least 25 years. ) I also can’t help but think “bare” nails allow the jewels to be the star of the show, as well as elongating the fingers those gems perch upon.

So let’s see who has broken the rules on many occasion!

The Queen herself!
If it’s good enough for the ever elegant Bene, it’s good enough for everyone.
I love everything about this look. Hair, coat, nails. Perfection.
Max is probably the royal lady who wears red the most.
Deep red is my favorite. I hope she’s wearing those ombre shoes too.
*sigh* I miss this Vickan.

And lest the “But British Royalty is blah blah blah…” people start up with their shenanigans…

Little Union Jacks! Euge is always putting fun things on her nails.
And yes, Diana was still very much a part of “The Firm” when this was taken. She started wearing polish after she stopped biting her nails, not after she left the family.

So there you have it! Royalty and colored nail polish go hand in hand. Any other myths you can think of? A lot of you have mentioned “orders on bare skin” and rest assured it’s in the works!