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Royal Mythbusters: The Selfie

Myth (noun\ (ˈmith ) – a widely held but false belief or idea.
synonyms:  mistaken belief, false notion, fiction, delusion, figment of the imagination.

Much has been written about “royal rules” over the years, and one “rule” that seems to get a lot of attention is royals can’t ‘do’ selfies. “So and so is a ROYAL REBEL! They posed for a selfie even though it BREAKS THE RULES!!!”


The Dutch Royal Family must have invented the selfie. They have posed with the most people by far. There could easily be a 1000+ photos of them with the public out there.

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We’ve got your Danish, Norwegian and Swedish selfies covered.

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From everything we’ve read over the years you’d think no one would ever want to pose with the poor Spanish royals, but I’m happy to report this is not the case. They are second only to the Dutch with selfie frequency. All photos from The Selfie Post

Don’t let ANYONE try to tell you the BRF doesn’t “do” selfies! Harry and William have both gone on record saying that they don’t care for them, but it seems they’ve softened over the years. As far as Camilla and Sophie are concerned, rare is the day they DON’T pose for a few.

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Some fans can get a bit too excited, though. Camilla found herself with a bit of company under her umbrella. LOL

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And finally, for someone who purports not to like selfies, he has no problem at all photobombing folks. He really is crazy, isn’t he? LOL

As you can see, royals and selfies go hand in hand. So should you find yourself in the position to take one with your favorite royal, go for it! Just be polite when you ask.

And don’t crawl under their umbrella.

Are there any “royal rules” that drive you crazy? Leave them in the comments. Who knows, I just might cover it!