Royal News – King Felipe’s Conundrum

Two weeks ago Sunday, the Spanish Royal House released a statement announcing that King Felipe had renounced his personal inheritance from his father, Juan Carlos. It was an attempt by Felipe to distance himself, and, more importantly, the institution, from allegations of financial impropriety.

We don’t document drama here, but this development will affect the functioning of the Spanish royal family going forward. Since the majority of reports are in Spanish, it’s hard for most of us to understand the nuances of the announcement. Iselen has provided us a summary in English of the developments to date, and the attached is her translation on the situation. It is still an ongoing situation, so things will continue to unfold. We are providing this for your information, but closing comments on this post because the discussion has the potential to lead to areas that might be hard to moderate within our guidelines.

Note from Iselen: This information is public and it comes from reliable sources, testimonies of the persons concerned, the State Attorney General in Spain and the Switzerland Attorney who’s in charge of investigations, plus final court decisions.

The Spanish Royal House doesn’t have a foundation or crown jewels, they all belong to Juan Carlos apart from those which are Queen Sofia’s personal possessions, even the Joyas de Pasar. We’ve been noticing for a few years that Queen Letizia was wearing some Sofia’s personal jewels, important earrings and other items. We hope that the jewels have already been handed to their future owners after paying the legal donation taxes or, maybe, they’ve established a crown foundation. So don’t worry, Felipe is giving up all JC’s inheritance except sparkling stuff (Keep your fingers crossed!).