Royal Re-wears and Re-Dos – Crown Princess Mary in Temperley London (Bonus – Princess Isabella!)

This topic is going to require a little bit of imagination because the photos we have don’t give us that much information. Let’s speculate, though.

2014 The Trellis Gown

This gown is an intricately constructed piece from the Spring/Summer 2014 Temperley collection. It begins with a tulle base and is embellished with interwoven ribbons through the bodice and upper skirt. Laser-cut petals begin mid-skirt and continue down to the hem. The upper chest and shoulder area are sheer. It’s designed to be remembered, so it’s interesting that Mary has worked it into her wardrobe in a variety of ways, from the most formal to semi-casual. In that order, too!

2016 Art and Culture Banquet

Mary debuted the dress at a tiara event, no less. She wore the Ruby, Spinel, and Diamond Necklace Tiara (its debut in tiara form on the Princess). She added the black belt with flowers to accentuate her slim waist.

2017 Council of State Dinner

She’s wearing the same dress here, I promise! She’s about 3/4 of the way back at the table, on the right. The photo is in here to complete the narrative, however, it’s hard to see how the dress is accessorized. Fill it in with your imagination.

2018 Crown Prince Frederik Fund Dinner

Here is Mary wearing the gown for the 25th anniversary of the Crown Prince Frederik Fund, which coincided with Fred’s 50th birthday. The Princess accessorized with her Dulong aquamarine chandelier earrings and Cartier bracelet.

2022 Birgitte Handwerk’s 50th Birthday

Last week, the Crown Prince and Princess attended the birthday party of a close friend, Birgitte Handwerk. Mary wore a new tweed coat by Carla Zampetti, however, we need to look past the coat to what we can see of the dress. From what we see at the neckline and hem, it appears she took her Temperley gown and had it altered to tea-length. She paired it with some smashing acid lemon-colored shoes, too.

Does this gown work in all iterations?

Princess Isabella Portraits

Isabella is 15, a few weeks from her confirmation, and seriously channeling Grandmother Daisy in her new portraits. That moonstone jewelry is a wonderful choice for a young princess.