Royal Re-wear and Re-do – Queen Margrethe and Mogens Eriksen

Update 9/9/2022 – The Danish Court has just announced the celebrations this weekend will be reduced. There will be no balcony appearances, carriage ride, and the galas will be adapted to the circumstances. :

The excitement is building for a weekend of Golden Jubilee festivities, capping off with the gala on Sunday night. We have no idea what the Queen will wear, but she usually pulls out the stops for big events. She may commission a new gown – and she deserves it if she does – but she is also not known as the Queen of re-wear and re-use for nothing. Today, in preparation for the big event, we’ll look at another high-profile outing and how she eventually re-purposed and re-wore her fabulous ensemble.

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For the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik to Mary Donaldson in 2004, the Queen wore a spectacular ballgown and evening coat by designer Mogens Eriksen. The bright pink silk coat coordinated nicely with the brilliant colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses. The silk faille ballgown was festooned (and I don’t use that word lightly here) with brilliant pink flowers. It featured elbow length sleeves, a square neckline, and an enormous skirt. Queenly, in a word.

Of course there were diamonds too, and if you want to relive the whole look, head here NOW.

This being Daisy, she didn’t let such a fabulous ensemble go to waste. It was worn again in its entirety for another dinner at Christianborg. She has also brought back the silk faille gown on its own for a few outings.

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When the excitement passed, the Queen decided that a redesign was in order. The evening coat became an evening gown. Per the Royal Collections website, that work was done by Birgit Thaulow in 2010, and the Queen has worn the dress several times since. (Whether Thaulow designed the coat originally is not confirmed, but it’s possible). The Queen posed in it for an official portrait and wore the dress for her 70th birthday celebrations.

Birgit Thaulow, 2010.

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What will Daisy do?

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