Royal Re-Wear – Duchess of Cambridge Oak Leaf and Acorn Earrings

It’s been eleven years since those crazy Cambridge kids tied the knot and we are taking a look at a re-wear that is near and dear to the Hofdame’s hearts, the Duchess of Cambridge’s Oak Leaf and Acorn Wedding earrings. All the Hofdames yearn to see them far more often.

Robinson Pelham is where the Middleton family shops for unique jewelry. The firm crafted the Maidenhair tiara and headpiece for Pippa Middleton’s wedding and a brooch of similar design that just showed up on the Duchess for the Anzac Day service. For the highest-profile event of the family history, the family turned to the company to produce pieces for Kate, her sister Pippa, and their mother Carole.

Wedding Day 2011

The earrings were commissioned by Carole and Michael Middleton as a wedding gift to their oldest daughter. The design incorporates acorns and oak leaves, which were also represented in the family’s newly designed coat of arms. West Berkshire, where the Middletons make their home, is surrounded by oak trees. The Duchess paired the earrings with the Cartier Halo tiara on the big day. The waves at the earring base were designed to complement the waves of the tiara (H/T to Baguette Wendy who reminded me of this!)

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Before we move on, let’s take a peek at the designs that the firm made for the other Middleton women. Pippa’s earrings had a floral motif with dangling pearls. She would re-wear these earrings for her own wedding. Carole Middleton wore a tourmaline and diamond pendant and earrings.

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Order of the Garter 2016

We had to wait five long years to see Kate’s earrings again publicly, at the 2016 Order of the Garter. This is my favorite outing. I find they “pop” better against the red, and the low updo allows us a clear view. Also, great hat.

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Easter 2019

A looooong three years before another sighting, but at Easter 2019 we spot them again. (For those of you on Team Brooch there was an exciting appearance of the Oak Leaf Acorn brooch, which was inspired by the trees of the West Berkshire countryside the Middletons love. The three acorns represent the three Middleton siblings.)

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So close are the Oak Acorn Earrings to the Hofdame heart, we each have our preferred ensembles for the next outing. LuckeyGirl wants to see them with the off-the-shoulder Barbara Casasola sweater dress, The Handbag wants them displayed under a hat and red coat, and LiL wants to go casual with a ponytail. OC wants to go big – she envisions them at the next coronation with the Acorn tiara, which of course will be purchased for the occasion.

How do you want to see these agains?