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Royal Re-wear (or Re-do) – Queens in Natan

This Natan dress with sage embellishments is a big favorite among our two most consistent Natan wearers, Queens Mathilde and Maxima. However, there is a bit of a mystery attached to it.

In 2018, King Phillipe and Queen Mathilde paid a visit to the Queen, where they posed in this minimalist corridor at Windsor. Tils wore the Natan dress, which was not lost in the background! In fact, it actually holds up very well on this visit. (As an aside, the Queen debuted the Sapphire Snowflake Jubilee brooch.)

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The family released an official photo that year, too. Lo and behold, there’s the skirt again, but the bodice is very different. The entire effect of the dress was changed with the casual open neck, wasn’t it?

Royal Palace

The Windsor version of the dress has shown up on Mathilde again, at least twice. Either this isn’t a dress, but some very cleverly designed separates, or, more likely, she owns two versions. The skirt seems to have some slight variations around the hemline, too.

Over in the Netherlands, Max, of course, completely zhuzzed this up. She added a broad-brimmed hat and a massive pair of earrings for this outing in Utrecht. Her version has less embellished skirt.

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