Royal Re-wear(s) – Crown Princess Mary in David Andersen

David Andersen’s spare aesthetic suits the Crown Princess, and I wish she wore more of his designs. The few pieces we have seen are very flattering. This isn’t a Designer Diary, but if you are interested in the designer, you can read more here.

The Crown Princess obviously appreciates his designs, because she has re-worn his pieces without alteration, even using similar accessories. We know this Princess loves to change up her gowns, so wearing the originals faithfully is a testament to the talent of Mr. Andersen.

In July 2011, the Crown Princess debuted this one shoulder pink gown with a wide purple waistband at the wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. She accessorized with her wedding tiara, brooch from the ruby parure, and a pair of relatively restrained earrings. It was a great color combination for an evening wedding celebration in a Mediterranean climate.

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The gown showed up again June 2012 at a gala banquet during the state visit from China. Mary sashed it up and wore the same tiara.


In September 2017, Mary wore the gown, sans tiara but with the huge brooch from the ruby parure. The occasion was the Queen’s Army’s Badge of Honor Dinner at Fredensborg Castle.

Earlier this month, Mary wore the whole shebang again (with her wedding tiara and some major earrings) during the banquet for Members of Danish Parliament and European government.

Before you leave this gown, make sure to look at the back, which is lovely and swishy.

The Crown Princess also owns a day dress from the designer that has seen many rewears. Mary absolutely shone in this white dress at two Copenhagen fashion summits, an award ceremony, and on a trip to Germany.

Here she is at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2014 – note the major earrings.

She liked it so much at this event she wore it again at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2018.

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She looked fresh at the Carlsberg Research Awards in 2021, while wearing my favorite earrings and holding maybe one of the best bouquets I have ever seen.

How do you feel about these designs?