Royal Re-Wears – Danish Opening of Parliament (Folketing)

Last week we had the Swedes, earlier this week we had the Norwegians, and now we have the Danes at the opening of their parliament (Folketing). The Queen, Princess Benedikte, Crown Prince Frederik, and Crown Princess Mary attended. It was a bit of re-wear festival.

Crown Princess Mary repeated her light blue-grey Claes Iversen coat, with its interesting front closure detail. This is practically a clone of her 2017 appearance at this event, including the purple hat. Mary has worn this coat at least three times. She hasn’t changed up the styling much for the past two outings.

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In 2017, for the Belgian State Visit, she wore the Ole Lynggard “Leaf” brooch, pinned to the opposite side, and paired the outfit with a larger, lighter hat.

I don’t have an ID on yesterday’s brooch, but Mary has worn it previously (on the same coat, in the same place, for the same event!).

Give us your thoughts on the 2022 Folketing brooch.

The Queen decided a swath of the same color was in order, and wore a blue-green coat over a blue-green dress, accessorized with a blue-green hat. She finished off her ensemble with a modern brooch. If anyone recognizes it, let us know!

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Princess Benedikte wore what might be my least favorite of her hats, but maybe it was cold and this was the practical choice. The rest of the ensemble is very cozy.

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The Queen and Princess Benedikte also attended the Cross Stitch of the Year 2023 initiative, which was held later in the day at a reception in Christian VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg. Every year, the group sponsors a calendar with 12 new designs – one for each calendar month. You can get a better look at Benedikte’s outfit here.