Royal Re-Wears – Queen Maxima in Mary Katrantzou

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Onward. Remember the tie dress? OF COURSE, YOU DO.

May 2022

This memorable dress is by Mary Katrantzou, who is not afraid of a bold pattern. The Greek designer took her inspiration for this piece from a collection of vintage ties, and you can see this strongly in the skirt and in the neckline treatment. Queen Maxima has worn this gown on at least three occasions. Last Monday, she presented the King Willem I prizes, accessorizing with a pair of dangling earrings.

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Kings Day 2018

She wore it to Oosterpoort for the Kingsday concert in 2018, and the reason I like this appearance is that the wind blew the ties enough so that we could see the shoes! I am not convinced a dress like this needs zhuzzing, but they add a little snazz.

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December 2016

The Queen debuted this gown during a television recording of a Christmas gala, and I really wonder what Santa Claus thought of the whole thing! I do love her side part here, but I feel this dress cries out for a sleek style. Maybe one of her “fun” royal lady ponytails?

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(H/T to Modekoningin Maxima for all the information!)

Let's talk the Tie Dress.