Royal Recap

Royal Recap

Note: We recently reorganized our category files into countries here at The Handbag. We noticed, despite our best intentions, that we are skewing heavily toward British coverage. There have been a number of highly covered events in Britain lately, and frankly, it’s easier for us to find photos of the Brits at work. We are working to balance our coverage, and the recap is one place where we hope to cover other folks more thoroughly. We are trying an experiment, putting all the random British activities into a new category, the “Brit Brief”. It will be a highlight of the British weekly activities during the busy royal season. If there are major events, we’ll cover them separately. When the busy season recedes, we’ll roll the British royals back into the recap.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the stuff we either missed during the week or simply feel we must revisit. As always, read through the entire epic or use the table of contents to head to your area of interest.


Letizia and Felipe attended an In Memoriam Concert for victims of terrorism. Lovely and appropriate Hugo Boss dress on the Queen, but it’s the earrings that grab your attention.

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I was taken with both Sil’s hair and suit here. She and the King made an official visit to the European Institutions at the European Council. She is, as always, an elegant and consistent presence on the scene.

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Victoria appeared at a Google event, pressing the flesh and adding a royal presence to the proceedings. I was fascinated by the volume in her ponytail and the elegant manicure. The blazer and blouse combo is giving me unfortunate eighties flashbacks.

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I was charmed by this retrospective of Max in the royal lady pants (and one dotted dress) that a clever Instagrammer put together. I mean, I myself would never wear any of this but the fact she does just endears her to me. The fact remains that Max is a very busy lady, out and about all the time. Consider that she wore this array of plaid, cuffs and sparkles in February alone. More on her recent appearances to come next week.


Everyone in the family gathered for the Emperor’s Thirtieth Jubilee and sipped their way through several tea parties. Scroll through for some gorgeous kimonos and cheerful faces. For the brooch crowd, there are some interesting pieces on display. We are on countdown for the retirement after this…


Ack, they cut into Haakon’s gorgeous ears! Seriously, he had some minor surgery and was up and about immediately, it seems. Health vibes, handsome!

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His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway has undergone surgery this morning. The statement from the Royal Court: His Royal Highness The Crown Prince will today, on Monday, March 4, 2019, have a minor surgical intervention for exostosis in the ear canal. The surgical procedure takes place at Rikshospitalet in Oslo. As a result of the intervention, the Crown Prince will have a reduced program for the next two weeks. I wish him a speedy recovery! – Hans Kongelige Høyhet Kronprinsen skal i dag, mandag 4. mars 2019, få foretatt et mindre kirurgisk inngrep for exostose i øregangen. Det kirurgiske inngrepet finner sted på Rikshospitalet i Oslo. Kronprinsen vil som følge av inngrepet ha et redusert program de nærmeste to ukene. God bedring 🙏

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It feels like it’s been more than a minute since we last checked in with Mary. Here she is, appearing at the EliteForsk (Elite Research) awards. She wore a high necked Dolce and Gabbana red dress, which has injected me with a nice dose of energy in this groggy March.