Royal Recap

Royal Recap

Another week another recap! Hit the beat boys and let’s go.


I wasn’t joking when I said that I would feature them every week if I could. This brought me to tears, particularly when I saw the young man had a photo of the previous year with him almost every year.


Queen Mathilde attended the opera performance ‘Push’. The story in Push is based on the true experiences of Simon Gronowski during World War II. Gronowski was put on a deportation transport to Auschwitz in 1943, but managed to escape. Tils is sporting a coat by Natan, but I didn’t need to add that for you to know that, right?

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During the Week of Care, Tils visited DVC Heilig Hart in Deinze, a home for children and adults with mental disabilities.  The blue suit is Giorgi Armani and I think it’s a very flattering one for her. Suits suit her ; ). She is also wonderful with everyone, a real asset to the royal family. New My Royals has more details on the clothes and the events.

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Letizia and Felipe presided over the delivery of National Culture Awards at the Prado National Museum in Madrid, Spain. The Queen wore a Lurex-details silk midi dress by Intropia, and LODI Burgundy Suede Ankle-Strap Pumps.

Letizia channels Christmas! Well, not really, but this dress pings more fall and/or winter to me than spring. There is also something about the bodice that I am not finding entirely flattering. Felipe is the one who grabs my attention here, exuding his usual grave charm.

We last saw this dress on a state visit to Peru in November 2018. It may have been the approaching holiday season, but I remember liking this dress better at that time. I may have been dazzled by my favorite pair of shoes, her LODI ‘Sara’ ombre patent pumps. Queen Letizia Style blog has all the details on that previous outing.

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The Queen and the second-in-command headed out of the country, and look who they left in charge. That’s right, the elegant Princess Benedikte is currently regent, and I don’t know about you, but I feel the country is in capable hands. Also, a book has been written about her for her seventy-fifth birthday. Anyone care to learn Danish and read it to us?

Mary returned from Texas and got right back into it. I don’t know about you, but I would need at least a week of R & R after that flight. Mary she didn’t miss a beat. Style of Mary has lots of details, but the short story is that grey dress is Prada, the colorful blouse is Erdem, and those grey pumps are bringing me life.


As the abdication approaches, the 30 year anniversary celebrations continue. The Imperial family gathers here for a Gagaku performance. The lovely kimonos are front and center.

Prince Hisahito has graduated from elementary school, and the graduate and his parents look mighty pleased about all of it.


Sometimes I think Rania should wear local dress like this all the time. There is something about the combination of colors and patterns that just works for her.


Yes, you read that correctly! Not a current royal house, but an interesting piece of news from the former Empress, Farah Pavlavi, on Twitter. There is something very haunting about these photos to me.

So what do you think? Did we miss your favorite? If so, let us know in the comments. Until we meet up again next week, farvel, all!