Royal Recap

Royal Recap – Royal Lady Trouser Pant Edition

Anyone who has listened to me bang on about modern royal women knows I love a good royal lady trouser pant. The royal women have been listening, my friends, and they have brought out a variety for us to gaze at – let’s see if they fall into the good category.


Crown Princess Mary at the Danish Rainbow Awards. It’s a MaxMara jumpsuit! Hit up New My Royals for the details, because we are painting with a broad brush here, and I will only say it’s very blush and bashful before I move on.

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Letizia at a Media and Mental health forum, sporting a repeat of her Hugo Boss pants with buttons – so many buttons – and Carolina Herrera blouse. Queen Letizia Style delves into the rest of the ensemble, including an ID on her butterfly earrings.

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Queen Sofia brought her own elegant twist to the trouser pant game, and paired hers with a softly shining cream blazer as she spoke at an annual sailing regatta in Palma de Majorca. I am utterly charmed by this outfit – check out the regatta brooches shown in our featured image.

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Sils, in an uncharacteristic move, is also getting into the trouser pant game. No ID on this yet – a recurring issue with our more mature royal friends – but I felt it should be included since it is an unusual approach for her. That collar detail makes me think of Teddy bears and snuggly royal grandkids, but the rest is all business.


Rania wore a pair of Calvin Klein trousers and a gorgeous printed shirt while visiting Wadi Shueib in the Al Balqa governorate. Check out Queen Rania’s Closet for some great closeups.


We cannot leave this topic without a gentle nod to Empress Michiko, who sports the Royal Lady Trouser Pant with an elegance unmatched. I will miss her on the scene.

So what do you think about the royal lady trouser pant game? Is it on? It is way off for you? Would you rather see a dress or is this the modern way? Let us know in the comments!