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Royal Recap

This is the place we cover things we didn’t discuss during the week and things that we may want to revisit because they were just that good. Scroll through to read them all or use the table of contents to jump to your favorite neck of the woods.


First up, our intrepid Swedish Crown Princess is back to hiking her country, and she is serious about it. To follow along:

Have these two been together long enough or what? Twins ; )!

Princess Leonore of Sweden turned 5 this week. Her mom shared the following post on Instagram. Happy Birthday Leonore!!

Four thousand miles away, and in a much snowier climate, her cousin, Princess Estelle, turned seven.


Luckey Girl pointed this out to me, with the offhand comment, “India has some interesting stories….”. That is an understatement, I think. Here are India and her mother on a journey through London trying to remember where the tiaras are stored. Readers will note that India does mention the old myth of only married women eligible for tiara-wearing, which we have seen with our own eyes not to be true. I guess the truth is in what you believe, and half the fun is in the story telling.

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We were crisscrossing London in search of my mother’s jewels. She has not been robbed, it was just that she could not remember in which exact bank they had been left. We went to the first bank – when they offered us cappuccinos and custard creams I thought something was up, they were apologetic “So sorry Lady Pamela but we don’t seem be holding anything more than this box” we opened the box. It was a strange ornate headdress “when on earth do you wear THAT?” I asked, apparently it was for when you did not want to wear your tiara. Tiara’s are heavy, require hairdressers and lots of insurance. Once traveling from England to Sweden for a grand ball my mother wore her tiara under a huge hat – in order to make certain she did not loose it. Traditionally tiaras also require you to be married to wear them. I will never get to wear my mother’s Tiara because I remain a sinful unmarried woman, but the Tiara got sold a few years ago anyway so that is the end of that. To read more about my mother searching through bank bat caves click the link in my profile…and always more action on my Insta Story.

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One for The Blue Playbook (H/T to our own Wendy1 ; ). Fred, promoting something to do with the Tour de France, but really who cares what he is promoting here? He looking very handsome if I say so myself. Mary, you are a lucky lass.

Next Week’s Docket

Harry and Meghan’s tour, of course. Breaking news on Prince Oscar. The Duchess of Gloucester goes about her business in her usual charming way. A little introduction to the Royalty of Lesotho. This and that ….