Wimbledon 2020

Hard as it is to believe, it would have been Diana’s 59th birthday today. She was an avid tennis fan and a fixture at Wimbledon, so to honor both her birthday and the Wimbledon that wasn’t, here are a few of her appearances.

(Also note the various, and young, royals and royal adjacents who appear here and there!)

In the early days, in her frilly period, Diana wore a series of ensembles that just seem a little to warm for the event. She herself always remained cool, though. A princess from the beginning.

Lady Di, as she was then, with a prince and princess from Monaco.

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Diana and William, 1991. Funny, I remember loving this belt at the time, and now it seems like she could have found a better use for it, like lending it to the world heavyweight champion.

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Diana in red, 1994. Her Wimbledon wear loosened up considerably by the later years, and this has always been a favorite.

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Diana, channeling her inner Princess Margaret, 1995.

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If you want the ease of a slideshow, Tatler published this one last year.

In honor of her birthday, and the tennis event that wasn’t, let’s see your favorites of Diana – at Wimbledon, or any event.