Royal Rock Retrospective

Let’s take a look at another lovely piece of jewelry used throughout generations, this time the Lotus Flower (sometimes known as the Papyrus) Tiara in the British Royal Family.

Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, wore this tiara low and slow in the fashion of her time.

Google images

Her daughter, the Princess Margaret, wore this piece in the fashion of her time which has carried through to modern times.

Margaret, wearing 75% of her orders, Google images.

Margaret’s daughter-in-law Serena wore this piece on her wedding day to David.

The current Countess of Snowdon, Google images.

Lastly, we have seen this tiara most recently on Catherine. A lovely surprise to see when debuted at an incoming state visit from China.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Google images.

For me, this tiara has a nice balance of design and size. It’s a significant piece without overpowering any of her wearers.

Yes, tiaras are girls.