Royal Shares and Re-wears (and something new!) – Queen Mathilde

Queen Mathilde and the rest of the Belgian royal family will begin their annual Easter break this week, so before she disappears for a while, let’s check-in.

First up, we have a re-wear. The Queen attended the ‘Expedition Egypt’ installation in a white Natan, accessorized with a Natan brooch at the neckline. The brooch (or pin or just “decor”) is interesting because it, and the earrings, are pieces from this necklace.

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen also wore this dress a couple times in “before times,” including a New Year’s reception in 2020.

She debuted the dress during an interview for their 20th wedding anniversary in 2019. The video is very sweet, so check it out if you have a few minutes – the link is in the caption.

Jumping back to the South African state visit, we missed the departure suit! The suit seems to be new, and is a way to display some host country flag colors for the goodbye.

I wish we had better photos of her in this new Armani suit, which she wore to a Child Focus event, and to the funeral of her uncle. She always does well in Armani, so I hope to see this suit again.

Goodbye for a while, Mathilde! Hope the family has a lovely Easter gathering.

What do you think works better: the re-wear or the new ensembles?