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Royal Shares and Re-Wears – Crown Princess Victoria in H & M Conscious Collection

Let’s turn ourselves away from the Brits for a day, and see what the industrious Crown Princess of Sweden has been doing.

Swedish Academy of Letters

Earlier this week, Victoria presented medals and scholarships at The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History, and Antiquities’ annual gathering in Stockholm. She dusted off her H & M Conscious Collection ballgown in tulle for the occasion. The dress is from the eco end of the H & M collection, composed of recycled polyester with narrow strips of ruffled tulle inserted in the skirt. The gown is lined in organza made from RENU™ polyester, which is made from raw material extracted from used textiles.

This was a non-tiara occasion, but she did wear her sash, and the light blue pops well against the darker navy. She wore new earrings with lighter blue baubles and it’s said she has some kind of hair bling but I couldn’t find photos, alas.

Tenth Anniversary Portraits

Victoria debuted this dress for her tenth-anniversary portraits, which was both a sash *and* a tiara occasion. She broke out the Baden and further iced it all up with her epaulet earrings and large diamond “lozenge” brooch.

Spanish State Visit to Sweden

Does this dress look faintly familiar? Queen Letizia also wore a gown from the H & M Conscious Collection, a nod to her hosts during the State Visit last autumn. The Spanish Queen’s dress was sleeveless, but it had a similar structure, color, and fabric composition. She attached her sash with a fleur-de-lis brooch, the enormous La Buena tiara, and the Joyas de Pasar bracelets and earrings. Whew – what a way to dress up a humble H & M gown!

Is this a tiara gown or not?