Royal Shares and Re-Wears – Letizia in Moises Nieto (Bonus – Beautiful Blouse!)

This Moises Nieto is an interesting re-wear because Queen Letizia has worn the dress several times over a short period and I have no memory of it. I certainly should! This dress has bold design elements and it definitely stands out. It’s bright fuschia, has “French” sleeves (I haven’t heard that term before, but the sleeves are 3/4 length and flared slightly), a fitted waist, and flared skirt.

Even with that, it’s a very plain dress. Letizia doesn’t usually brooch it up or add a belt, and she tends to pair it with the same earrings. However, she does change up her hair and shoes, so let’s dive in and take a look at all the outings I forgot.

March 2022

Earlier this week, the King and Queen attended the Gold Medals of Merit in Fine Arts ceremony. The Queen paired the dress with her green tourmaline and ruby Tous earrings, loose wavy hair, and neutral Magrit pumps.

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June 2021

Letizia debuted the dress at the Order of Civil Merit Debut in June 2021. For this family outing, she wore her hair in a high bun and added a pair of Carolina Herrera slingback neutral pumps. The ‘do allows us to see more of the Tous earrings, and I am not complaining.

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September 2021

In September 2021, Letizia wore the dress for lunch with Angolan President Joao Manuel Goncalves Lourenco and his wife Ana Afonso Dias Lourenco. The big change-up here was the pairing with the snakeskin Magrit pumps.

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She also wore the dress for a video conference with the World Food Forum in October 2021, but since you can only see her from the waist up, we’re giving that appearance a miss. Please answer the pressing question below before continuing to yesterday’s outing at the end of the post.

Is this a successful rewear?

Before we leave, let’s take a look at this lovely ensemble from yesterday. Per some sources, this Ukrainian-styled blouse was made by Ukrainian women living in Madrid and delivered to Zarzuela a couple of days ago, a real piece of handicraft of the highest quality. (Thanks, Iselen, for the tip!). The Queen wore it to present the Mutua MadrileƱa Foundation grants for social projects.

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