Royal Shares and Re-Wears – Maria Teresa in Alexander McQueen (Bonus – Tiara Appearance!)

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa have just returned from a two-day State Visit to Portugal. On Day One, MT reached into her closet (not that far back, this first showed up in 2021) and came up with a signature look. Her Alexander McQueen silk blazer is constructed from an embroidered floral brocade in pink and silver. It’s a memorable piece, for sure. (H/T to the generous UFONoMore blog). To make it even more distinctive, she often pairs it with asymmetrical earrings.

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April 2021

In April of 2021, ABC News interviewed the Grand Duchess. She chose this blazer for maximum impact on the screen. She paired it with a solid top and bottom in a dark color, a wise choice. It’s also a choice you will see again and again.

International Women’s Day March 2022

The Grand Duchess appeared on the cover of Luxembourg Féminin magazine and was interviewed about her support of women’s rights and her association Stand, Speak, Rise Up! You will recognize the photograph because, well, it’s been seen before. Keep scrolling!

Official Portrait for National Day 2021

And here it is! Look familiar? The inclusion of a certain handsome Grand Duke doesn’t hurt, either.

State Visit to Portugal May 2022

The blazer pops up again on the first day of the State Visit. The Grand Duchess wore the same navy top and pants and added some shine on her feet with her Prada grey shoes.

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Bonus Tiaras

Bless Maria Teresa and the Duchess of Braganza for bringing some bling to the evening banquet ! MT wore the Belgian Scroll Tiara and the Duchess wore Maria Francisca’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara for maximum nighttime sparkle. MT seemed to think it wasn’t glittering enough and added two of the heirloom diamond clips (thanks Royal Watcher and LuckeyGirl) at the neckline. They were a welcome way to break up the sea of black of her evening ensemble.

Give us your thoughts on the McQueen blazer.