Royal Shares and Re-Wears – Queen Letizia

It’s not for nothing that Letizia is known as the Queen of Royal Rewears. She does a lot of engagements and it’s not unusual for her to reconfigure distinctive pieces from her wardrobe into entirely new ensembles.

In March of 2022 the Queen attended a Foundation Against Drug Addiction meeting wearing a Robert Verino pencil skirt with a jacquard print, the Hugo Boss ‘Fabrisia’ Sweater in black, and a Carolina Herrera jacket. All the pieces had appeared before, some in surprising ways.

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The Herrera coat is a Spanish royal share, and was first worn by (a very young-looking) Princess Leonor at the Princess of Asturias Awards in October 2020.

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The Robert Verino pencil skirt is from his 2016 collection, and has had so many appearances it must be exhausted by now. In December 2017, Queen Letizia appeared at a meeting of the Princessa de Girona Awards, wearing the skirt with a belted black jacket.

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She wore the skirt twice in 2018. Here she is at a meeting of the ‘Princesa de Girona’ Foundation members. She paired the skirt with restrained black sweater for a somber effect.

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She livened it up a bit by adding green blouse for another 2018 appearance, a meeting of the board of trustees of the Cervantes Institute.

In March of 2020, she met with honorary ambassadors of Spanish brands. She considerably zhuzzed up the black and white print by adding an orange blouse.

Spanish Queen Letizia Ortiz at the hand out ceremony of the accreditations to the 8 promotion of honorary ambassadors of the Spain Mark in Madrid on Tuesday, 03 March 2020.

As you can imagine, the sweater has been worn as often as the skirt. It’s a versatile piece that the Queen owns in at least two colors. She’s paired it with suits, skirts, and casual trousers.

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