Royal Shares and Re-wears – Queen Mathilde in Natan

We know that Natan makes idiosyncratic clothes for the Benelux royals. They are LOOKS. It’s always amazing to me when the royals wear them repeatedly and find ways to style them differently. Let’s take a look at a couple of outings of a pair of distinctive trousers, worn by none other than our Queen Mathilde.

These Natan wool trousers have a high waist, matching belt, and wide legs, all done up in a bold check. The Queen has had them in her closet since late 2020. Yesterday, on a visit to a secondary school, she paired the trousers with a faux black leather shirt with a high neck. She wore this entire ensemble – as is – in December 2021.

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In December 2020, the Queen visited a youth facility for girls. She wore the trousers with a matching collared cape (this combination in white), which is tied at the waist with a wrap belt. She layered the cape over a dark sweater.

What outing is your favorite?

Too much check? We need to rest our eyes somewhere. I really wish we could see more of this Giorgi Armani velvet trouser suit, which she wore to the Bruges concert hall last night. Unfortunately, we can only see her hair and the sparkly clutch, both of which are lovely.

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Just so we don’t focus too much on Natan – which is exhausting – I’ll add this re-wear from last week. It’s Dior, who always seems to work well for the Queen. She previously wore the dress and shoes, also Dior, in December 2020.

As always, the appearances and all the accessorizing can be found at the best resource for all things Mathilde, Modekoningin Mathilde.