Royal Shares and Re-Wears – The Duchess of Brabant Turns 21

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Princess Elisabeth, the Duchess of Brabant, turned 21 this week. As is their custom, the court released photos to mark the occasion. As is her custom, the Princess re-wore some items from her mother’s wardrobe.

The Natan shirt has been in Mathilde’s wardrobe since her princessing days and you can see then-Princess Mathilde in this shirt here. We’ve also included a photo below. The earrings are also reported to be from Mathilde, although I could not find photographic evidence of her wearing them. The Queen does love a good chunky gold earring, though, so it’s certainly believable.

The photos were taken by Bas Bogaerts  at Laeken Castle in September. Currently the Princess is at Lincoln College, Oxford, studying politics and history. The white shirt is a “good Natan” although I am not sure how Baguettes will react to the family passing around other pieces from that designer! We’ll find out in the comments.

However, the earring sharing is an excellent game for these two, and it is nice to see it happening so frequently. Just a few other examples are below. Enjoy!

Carolina Herrera “Jasmine Lines”

Diamond and Pearl Earrings

What do you think of this Natan sharing?

Also, if you feel like it, spam some other options for Elisabeth (or Eléonore) to borrow from Tils!