Royal Shares and Re-wears – Crown Princess Mary and Jesper Høvring

The Danish New Year’s Receptions and Levees always bring us one or two participants who rewear gowns. In the case of Queen Margrethe, sometimes the gowns are re-worn and re-worn and re-worn! During the month of December, we are going to look at some of these reappearances. Right now we don’t know if the show will go on in January 2022, but let’s think positive and use this as a leadup.

Today, we have a royal re-wear and re-do. Of course, it comes from the Poppins Princess, Mary.

2014 Bambi Awards

At the 2014 Bambi Awards, the Crown Princess was honored for her work against domestic violence. She debuted this sparkling navy gown (actually two pieces which you can discern if you look closely) from Jesper Høvring. This was not a tiara event, but she blinged it up her aquamarine girandole earring and an Ole Lynggaard Flower bracelet. If I can’t have the Joyas de Pasar bracelets from Spain, mercy let me have that Lynggaard piece.

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2016 New Year’s Receptions

Since this is Mary, we didn’t see the gown again in its same form. She swept into the 2016 New Year’s Receptions wearing the skirt from the Høvring ensemble with a navy top and a swirling train. If you look closely, you can see there is embellishment at the wrists which mirrors the sparkles on the skirt. She accessorized as she does for this event, with the gold chain and the Order of the Elephant, and pieces of the Danish Ruby Parure. She wore the hairpins that year too, which as you know, makes my heart beat even harder.

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