Royal Shares and Rewears – Queen Margrethe in Jørgen Bender

January 14, 1972, fifty years ago today, Princess Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid became Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark. A bittersweet day for her, since she lost her beloved father and became Queen all at once. All her celebrations scheduled for this month were postponed, but we can certainly hold a little party in her honor here, right?

We know that Daisy is not averse to a re-wear, particularly a reappearance of one of her favorite designers, the late Jørgen Bender. We gave the duo the Designer Diary treatment back in 2020, and it’s worth a look back if you want to immerse yourself in luxe gowns.

Wedding of Prince Joachim and Alexandra Manley

Today we are only concerned with one of his designs, the incredible evening gown made for Prince Joachim and Alexandra Manley’s wedding in 1995. As the mother of the groom, and as the Queen, Daisy needed to make a statement. That she did (and would continue to do throughout her reign!)

The Bender design is made from embellished brocade. The fabric was provided by Rubelli, the company that had supplied furnishing fabrics for the palace. The ensemble included a jacket that had a full cape back. The dress had a fitted bodice and a sweetheart neckline, perfect for showing off fabulous jewels. The sleeves and neck were finished off with fur trim.

Daisy wore the Floral Aigrette Tiara and was further accessorized with the rubies, diamonds, and pearls that are part of the Danish crown jewels. She also wore the Order of the Elephant, hung from her sash.

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Portrait by Thomas Kluge

A dress like that can’t just be worn once, but finding the right opportunity to wear it again takes a Queen. We know this particular Queen loves art and loves her portraits. This grand portrait by Thomas Kluge was her opportunity to wear the whole ensemble again, this time with the Pearl Poire set.

Is this a dress for a wedding or for a portrait? I have a strong preference on this one, which I will tell you at some point today. I know some of you just hate having to choose what you prefer, so we have given you a couple of different polls. You decide how you want to participate!

What do you think: wedding or portrait?

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