Royal Shares and Rewears – Crown Princess Mary in Birgit Hallstein

Last week, Baguettes overwhelmingly voted that Princess Marie’s Ole Yde gown was a much better fit for a summer wedding than the New Year’s Receptions. We’ve also had the depressing news that Queen Margrethe has canceled the 2022 receptions. Let’s try to cheer ourselves up with another royal re-wear for that event, a triple quadruple threat by a very creative Crown Princess.

2015 New Year’s Reception

The Crown Princess debuted this Birgit Hallstein gown at the grandest celebration of the Danish year. The white gown, with its simple bodice, was a good foil for the heavy order chain and various decorations that are required for this event. It also holds up to the complicated Danish ruby parure, which is Mary’s go-to for the reception. Let’s not forget the evening cape/cloak/wrap that added a little *more* drama.

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2015 Dutch State Banquet

A state banquet is pretty darn grand, too. This time the white gown supported the deep blue sash. Mary accessorized with her new zhuzzed-up wedding tiara. (I still like that tiara with the pearls but it’s not everyone’s cuppa). You want drama? She also sported her aquamarine girandole earrings.

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2016 New Year’s Receptions

Back to New Year’s! The second set of receptions don’t require tiaras – they are a day event. Mary repeated the gown, took off the original belt, and added a pink one to match up with that incredible necklace. (It also looked like she removed the side embellishment from the skirt, but I don’t have great photos, unfortunately).

2020 New Year’s Receptions

Late addition – I forgot the 2020 New Year’s Receptions! Seems so long ago….

In any event, no tiara and no gauzy embellishment on the skirt this go around. She added some long white gloves, and the whites match. Still stunning.

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