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Royal Wedding Game – Tiaras, Coiffures, and Veils Top Two!

Here we go, your chance to vote for your preferred “wedding ensemble from the neck up”. We aren’t in the least surprised at the finalists. They’ve been royal favorites for a long time, for very different reasons.

Charlene Wittstock

Her Serene Highness wore a low chignon and a vintage diamond ornament on loan from her new sister-in-law. It’s always been a huge success in the eyes of most royal fans, despite or because of the tiara-free approach.

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Crown Princess Victoria

She tops all the royal wedding lists all the time. From the neck up, the charm lies in the tiara and veil full of history, accessorized by her endlessly beaming visage.

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Road Less Traveled

And since we did hear a few sighs of “it’s always the same choices” – and frankly, because we would like to see some new appearances too – here is your chance to vote for your favorite “Road Less Traveled” appearance. These are the next ten choices from the first round, minus the ones who hit the top five in the first poll. We aren’t going to have a run-off on this one. It’s one and done, and whoever wins wins. Vote wisely (you get one vote!).

Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (Lady Sarah Chatto)

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