Royals and the Olympics: Captain Sweden and the Sassy Sils

I deliberately left these two off my “Cutest Couples” post yesterday because there were too many fun photos of them to choose one. Today’s Mock Election is “Choose the Best of the Swedish Monarchs, Olympic Division”. Once again, we’re holding off on any 2012 photos (and we know there are some doozies of the Swedes) until tomorrow.

Let’s dive in.

Sydney 2000

Captain Sweden, are you demonstrating a wrestling hold on the Swedish gold medalist?

Embed from Getty Images

Rio 2016

So much goodness here. CG in mid-bellow. Sils with her Estelle phone cover. A Max sighting!

Embed from Getty Images

Beijing 2008

It’s Sil’s raised eyebrow that makes me wonder what CG is telling her.

Embed from Getty Images

Sochi 2014

Wave. IN TANDEM. That is talent.

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Vote for your favorite CG and Sils!