Royals and the Olympics – Cutest Couple

Let’s do a quick mock election, shall we? There are so many cute pairings at the Olympics, I managed to pull only a small sample. Choose your favorite, or add your favorite to the poll at the end. (You will notice a lack of entries from 2012, and that is because our Friday is dedicated to the best royal Olympics ever, that 2012 blow out in London).

Anne and Tim

They dress alike, they talk alike, sometimes they even walk alike. It’s Tim and Anne!

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I worry about these two sometimes, always holding their emotions in check. Let loose, kids ; )

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Sofia and Juan the Grandson

C’mon, grandma. I know you’re ticklish. You must be ticklish. I’m ticklish there, you must be!

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Amalia and Dad

Look out, folks! The Orange Genes are Coming Through STRONG.

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Maz and Fredi

OMG, Fred, stop making me laugh. Just STOP. Yes, that’s a U.S. President sitting in front of you. Ok, maybe one more selfie. Only one, then dignity reigns.

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