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It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s time for another entry in our ROYGBIV series! Today we will feature all black clothing. Friends, we will have a category EACH for black, white, & black and white combined. Please be selective in your posted photos–there will be time for all of your favorites! If you are new to our blog (welcome!) and would like to review other parts of the series, just search for the tag ROYGBIV in the sidebar.


Today, Ms. Cambridge is the winner of having two dresses featured. The first is from when she wowed early on in her public life with this black velvet gown. I’d love to see it again.

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The second is this simple yet stunning dress worn on the New Zealand tour. Love this. LOVE.

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Diana wore a fantastic black beaded Jacques Azagury dress on her last birthday in 1997.

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Margaret stuns in this black Dior circa 1952.

Which, in turn, reminds me a bit of this famous Winterhalter painting of Helena.

Royal Collection Trust


Charlene wowed in this black Tom Ford dress earlier this year in Macau. This dress contains a lot of jersey which helps to make it so form fitting and figure flattering.

Charlotte shows us a simple black summer dress–every lady should have one, no?



I’ve always been intrigued by the black gown Madeleine wore for the Elle Sweden feature. It seems like it has potential.

That is some GOOD hair.


Well, you KNOW I had to post this vision. Simply gorgeous.

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Mary wore this simple black dress in 2017. Simplicity is key here.



Again, another simple silhouette here. Maxima wore this classic style to a movie premiere in 2011.

Hello! magazine

Mabel is STUNNING in all of the photos in this feature from The Gentlewoman in 2011, but this one is absolutely my favorite. You can click on the link below the image to read the article.

What say you about these black outfits? Would you want to see any of them again?

Show us your favorite ALL black royal clothing in the comments!

Next up is white (and mayyyybe some ivory)—-remember no wedding gowns! Happy hunting!