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ROYGBIV–Floral jewelry

A big hello to the community as we land here on Thursday and another extended ROYGBIV category–Floral jewelry! Get a cup of tea or coffee and relive our fun times with Red jewels, Orange jewels, Yellow jewels, Green jewels, Blue jewels, Purple jewels, Pink jewels, and Black-White-Black & White jewels. It’s been a fun series to write and I hope you’ve enjoyed all the categories we’ve explored. On with the show!


The Imperial Chrysanthemum is a hefty piece, and is only worn by the Empress. I love that the symbol of the entire monarchy is encapsulated in a sparkly piece of jewelry worn only by the leading lady.



Mary’s arrangement with Ole Lynggaard means she has exclusive use of the Midnight Tiara. It’s not to everyone’s taste (though it certainly delights me!) but there is no doubt a floral motif was created here and it inspired the brand’s Leaves collection.

A sweet and historical gift from her dear mother Ingrid, Daisy’s daisy brooch delights each time it appears. Just look at the Queen’s wedding ensemble here–my favorite royal wedding gown EVER, historical veil, the Khedive tradition and her mom’s brooch. If you’ll pardon the phrase, this brooch has really grown on me over the years.


I love me some pinecones, but in the original version where the round piece is centered. You can’t beat the stones in this piece, but I think the design really suffered when Anne had it shortened.

Betty’s Australian (HOW did I do that?!?) New Zealand Fern is fabulous–both delicate and sturdy at the same time. It goes anywhere with anything.

Betty gets two entries today, because She Is Deserving. The Maple Leaf Brooch has been shared around the family quite a bit. It has presence and is simply pretty at the same time. Be sure to scroll through the pages of the Instagram post for great individual portraits.

Friends, indulge me, please on my very last ROYGBIV jewelry post, would you? I don’t usually post items that are not identifiably royal in nature, whether that be current or historical use. But, I am IN LOVE with this acorn tiara and really want Billy to buy it for Queen Cathy, when their time comes. I’ve chatted about it for years, but what a way to harken back to her Middleton coat of arms in a tiara fit for a queen. She’s even got matching earrings already. Sigh.


The royal ladies of Spain have a beautiful floral tiara at their disposal, and I look forward to seeing it on Leonor’s head in the coming years. Editor’s note: This particular Instagram link was displaying at huge sizes for some, so a screenshot is now displayed with a link to check out the fantastic photos. Click through the pages of the Instagram post!


This charming piece was worn by a Swedish princess to marry into the Hohenzollern family. I think it has real possibilities and I’d love to see it fanned out in the current style.

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We’re looking at the Hohenzollern Clover Coronet! It’s a beautiful Family heirloom worn by many a Hohenzollern bride featuring 4 diamond clovers which connect via a diamond base and arches to make a full circlet or coronet. . This bride pictured is HRH Princess Birgitta of Sweden who married into the family via Prince Johann Georg in 1961. She wore this for her German wedding service. I really like it on her! . They remained married until his death in 2016 although they had been openly separated for several years but still attended family events such as weddings together. . Although she may have spent much too much time in the sun in her years, was she not a gorgeous bride? Incidentally her sister Princess Désirée borrowed the dress for her wedding too a few years later ☺️ . . . #swedishroyals #hohenzollern #royalsofeurope #germanroyalty #jewel #jewellery #jewelry #jewelryblog #jewelleryblog #gemsanddiadems #tiara #crown #diadem #diamond #diamondtiara #royal #royalfamily #europeanroyalty #britishroyalfamily #crownjewels #royaljewels #coronet #clover #weddingtiara #wedding #gems #gemstones

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This very tall piece speaks to me each time I see it. Large, but airy. Full of symbolism. Sparkly.


Not. One. Diamond. Amazeballs.

Found in a cupboard. Not kidding.


Charlene wore these lovely diamond flowers on her wedding day, on loan from Caroline. I’d really like to see them make another appearance, on anyone. Ever. In my lifetime, please.


I beg forgiveness again as I present a repeat! You simply cannot beat the Dutch Laurel Wreath tiara. Magnificent.

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In ancient Greece, victorious athletes were crowned with wreaths of laurel leaves. Laurel wreaths have been Western cultural symbols of victory for centuries since, so it shouldn't be surprising that the wealthy and powerful have often commissioned their own diamond versions of laurel wreaths. The style is still so associated with ancient Greece that, in French, these tiaras are often called bandeaux à la grecque.The laurel wreath tiara is one of the oldest pieces in the Dutch collection, but there are two competing theories about its arrival in the family’s vaults. One posits that the tiara originally belonged to Princess Louise of Orange-Nassau, the sister of King Willem I of the Netherlands. The other theory suggests that the tiara was made in the early nineteenth century but purchased by the Dutch royals much later. According to this narrative of the tiara's history, it was acquired in the 1950s by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard and given to Princess Beatrix to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. Whether it was newly purchased or dug out of the depths of the family’s collection, Beatrix did indeed receive the tiara as a birthday gift, and she wore it regularly as a young princess. She also shared the tiara with two of her sisters, Princess Margriet and Princess Christina.In recent years, however, the focus has been on the Dutch brides who have worn the tiara. Laurentien Brinkhorst wore the diadem at her wedding to Beatrix’s son, Prince Constantijn, in 2001. And Princess Irene's daughter, Princess Carolina of Bourbon-Parma, wore it at her 2012 wedding to Albert Brenninkmeijer. #dutchroyaljewels #tiara #diadem #diamonds #diamond #wreaths #leaves #greekstyle #bandeaux #dutch #royals #foundation #vault #historical #jewels #jewelry #queen #queenmaxima #beatrix

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Who doesn’t need a giant convertible piece of jewelry for all occasions? This aigrette is ready for duty.


Now, you didn’t think I’d get through all of these posts without the GOAT, did you? Here it is in all it’s glory. It’s got the goat, yes. But it also has some lovely floral elements that help to soften the fact a medium sized milkable mammal is in the top spot.

And with that, I bid you a fond adieu from ROYGBIV-land. I hope you have enjoyed yourself and please show me your favorite floral pieces in the comments below!