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Welcome, friends, to our final entry in the ROYGBIV series, Floral! We’ve gone through the official colors of the ROYGBIV spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Indigo, Violet) plus the not-so-official categories of Pink, Black, White, Black & White, Silver & Gray, Gold, and Stripes while reviewing royal fashions and I’d like to thank our community for its enthusiastic participation. Please feel free to go back using the links and have a quick review of your favorites! It’s been a fun series to write and I hope that you all have enjoyed it.


Look how gorgeous and restrained Christina looks here in this simple garment. Lovely. Just lovely.

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And even though I desperately wanted to repeat Madeleine’s Erdem (which can be seen on ROYGBIV Blue), I forced myself to show another of her many, many florals. Giambattista Valli, it is. It’s super busy and that can be a turn off for some, but I think this lady can pull it off just fine.

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Victoria’s wears this bold pink floral quite well, and it’s definitely one my favorite of her floral dresses. She wears a lot of floral, but there always seems to be something that is just off to my eye. This tailored day dress can do no wrong in my eye.

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Silvia looking fab in this somewhat subtle silver (as subtle as silver can be!) gown during a recent state visit.


Betty Senior glides around in this gorgeous floral with her beloved Charles and young Harry. Day hat netting also on parade.

Instagram: god_save_the_queen

Here we have a trifecta of 1940s floral dresses on display with a crazypants hat. Matching pearls, matching florals. As one does.

Just LOOK at this vision.

I mean…THAT HAIR! Glorious.

I love this departure from The Lady’s normal style (OK, and it doesn’t hurt that my favorite color is involved). Welcome to Tuvalu, 1982. Check out the caption link for a ton of floral photo fun!


Mary’s Ralph Lauren black floral is, in my book, a divine day dress. The pattern isn’t overwhelming, and it’s just…well, cute and professional at the same time. Loving the lighter accessories here. I admit, I also wanted to repeat her floral from Wax’s inauguration, but we can’t have repeats here!

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Look at this lady who, dare I say, looks fresh as a daisy in this floral geranium pattern! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

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Marie wore this cute dress for Nikolai’s 18th birthday celebrations…I like all the details here and this is a perfect deployment of a neutral shoe.

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Letizia wears florals A LOT. It’s hard to choose favorites, so I’ll link to herroyalhighnesses on Instagram as the account has shown a plethora of florals that I think La Reina wears well. There’s a few clunkers here as well, so have fun deciding which is which!

Sofia (with her Dutch bestie) wore this subdued floral at The Crown Princess couple of Sweden’s wedding.

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Mette Marit also wears a ton of florals, but so often they are in the form of seriously frilly and unflattering so-called prairie dresses. I applaud this appearance at Margrethe’s 70th birthday party where she deployed an evening gown with a restrained (for her) floral skirt. Very, very pretty.

Instagram: DNA Royals

Astrid wearing a beautifully cut gown, back in the day.


I love, love, love Maxima’s van Gogh dress. Plus, The Egg.

And my lady love Beatrix, looking absolutely divine during Jordan’s visit to the Netherlands in 2018.

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Marie Chantal attended Mr. & Mrs. Norway’s joint 80th birthday celebration in a super flattering gown, which may be one of my favorites of hers ever.

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Tatiana wore this super glam floral Herrera, also at Vic & Dan’s 2010 wedding. It really is the event that keeps on giving!

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Which of these florals tickles your fancy? What are your favorite royal fashions? Show us in the comments!

Next week, we’ll wrap up the jewels portion of our series with Floral Jewelry–start your research engines!