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ROYGBIV—Purple jewelry

It’s Thursday once again friends and that brings us to Purple jewelry in our ROYGBIV series. For those new to the Handbag, you can read back on the other jewel entries at these links:  Red jewelryOrange jewelryYellow jewelry,  Green jewelry and Blue jewelry. Let’s get started.


The brooch from the Kent Amethyst parure sings to me, even when worn without its pendants.

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Mette Marit wore the Amethyst Necklace Tiara at Daisy’s 70th birthday celebrations. The soft makeup here with the braid here is so beautiful. The next slide shows Martha Louise wearing quite a few of the amethyst pieces at Sweden #1’s wedding.


Luxembourg has an amethyst and pearl bandeau that has seen itself passed through many members of the family. I think the necklace grabs my attention the most.


Marie of Denmark has had a tiara designed for her which includes amethysts, but really has only been seen in public once in 2014. The Flora Danica is meant to represent Marie, Joachim and Henrik as it was designed prior to Athena’s arrival.


THIS is the Swedish amethyst necklace I’m concerned with…not that one that’s stapled to a frame and worn as a tiara (she writes with a cheeky wink). Victoria wore these items to the 2015 Nobels while pregnant with Estelle. Oscar. I love the brooch and earrings as well.

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Charlene really knocks me off my socks sometimes, and this Dior dinner in 2013 was one of them. Look at those earrings!

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Do these purple gems delight you? Who should wear more purple jewelry and what should she wear?

Show us your favorite purple jewelry in the comments!