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ROYGBIV—Silver & Gray

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! ROYGBIV is still in expanded form, and today we will dive into silver and gray royal clothing. Off we go!


The ladies of Sweden rarely fully disappoint us in the gown category and here are a few great examples.

Victoria in this fab and flowy Packham is gooooood. The symmetry of the crusty dangly bits makes me happy and I don’t even think it needed that central element.

Her sister Madeleine in this shared Saab dress absolutely shined. How could she not with those giant epaulette earrings?

And here comes mom sweeping into the 2015 Nobels like the glittery disco ball that she is. I love the swirly pattern of this crazy dress.

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We can’t leave Sweden without this gem from our friend Lilian!


Charlene has a few entries in this category simply because I just couldn’t pick my favorite between the fab day suit and the mesmerizing jumpsuit. The simple lines. The corsetry. Love all around.


Zara SLAYS in this 2012 entry. Extra cozy points.

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Now I’ve read that this dress is gold and I’ve read that it is silver. In every photo I’ve ever seen it looks silver to me, so I will include Diana and her pleats here.

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Margaret, the biggest teeny little thing, wore this fancy suit when France came to visit in 1996. You know I love a frothy hat.

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Last, but not least, Betty wore this very crusty silver dress for a 25th anniversary celebration.



Sofia looking very, very smart in this suit worn while visiting Sweden this past May. Adding a kicky bag and she’s off!

Letizia at Willem Alexander’s investiture? Perfection.

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Sofia’s friend Beatrix wore this sparkly number back in the day when France came to visit.

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Maxima wore this Benito Fernandez tweed to Prinsjesdag in 2004 and I think it’s really striking. I’m not convinced it hit in the right place for this odd dress code event, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Almost Chanel-ish, no?


I love this gray coat Mathilde has worn a few times. It looks luxurious and totally wearable at the same time.

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Theodora rocked this glittery gown at Madeleine’s wedding. I’m actually interested to see what she’ll do for her own upcoming wedding.


Margrethe wore this gray dress along with her precious Yeti to the 2006 New Year Celebrations. If it looks a little familiar to you, it’s because that eye searing apple green dress is the same pattern in a different color. I believe (though have not confirmed) this is the dress worn in this glorious portrait.

Mary has worn this pale silver dress to tailoring perfection.

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Here’s Marie looking fabulous in this gray coat and hat for Vincent & Josephine’s christening.

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Look at this silver number from Auntie Astrid! I really like this cut of dress on her.

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Mette Marit looked quite sparkly (and quite warm in this modest dress) at Charles’s birthday party last November.

What say you about these silver and gray beauties? Would you like to see any of them repeated? Show us your favorite royal silver and gray items in the comments!

Programming note: We will tackle gold clothing in our next ROYGBIV post!