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Welcome to Thursday everyone! It’s time for another extracurricular color in our ROYGBIV series, white. As a reminder, we have already covered black and we will have a category EACH for white & black and white combined. Please be selective in your examples and there will be time for all of your favorites!! This is a long one—have a snack ready. Let’s get started!


Maxima has two white gowns that speak to me in particular. This year’s Corps Diplomatique dress and a strapless number worn a few years back with that lovely necklace. I’m sure our Dutch friends will remind me of the occasion-someone’s birthday, no?


Victoria wore this amazing suit to her father’s jubilee celebrations in 2013 and the silhouette is astounding on her.

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Cathy Cambridge continues her streak of two features this week. First up is from the recent incoming US State Visit and Miss Lady looked fantastic in this gown. It’s definitely my favorite white gown ever in her public life.

Second is her Easter 2017 suit. Sharp details all over. Both outfits appeal to me for very different reasons, but they are both quintessential Duchess to my eye.

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Beatrice at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in 2014? Chef’s kiss!

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Margaret, in her usual sassy fashion, wears the heck out of this frothy white gown.

Diana in the Elvis dress always catches my eye. I love a good crusty gown and it all started with this one.

And the grand lady herself…Betty in working day white makes me happy.

Vintage 1954 Betty in Australia? Say it with me: SUCH A BABE.


Letizia slayed in Morocco earlier this year. Just look at those details.

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Oh, the straight up glamour of Beatriz!


La Mozah. Enough said.


Mette Marit in her divine white Pucci. I miss those days.

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Paola, back in her days as the Princess of Liege, stunned in this beautiful piece.


Daisy’s crusty Balmain crusty dress is hands down one of my favorite Balmain pieces. It’s a tough fashion house to follow, but this dress is a gorgeous classic and really suits the wearer. I love the crust.


Sirikit…wowza! Another Balmain.

Last, but not least…

Hello there Sailor!

Next week will be black & white (only) clothing and then we’ll do black & white jewels the week after!