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ROYGBIV–Yellow jewels!

OK, friends! It’s time to make our way to yellow jewels! Sit back, relax Oh who am I kidding? Get your researching fingers on and get ready to show me some sparklies that tickle your yellow (NOT gold) fancy. Here we go!

United Kingdom

I mean, is there anything else I can start with? The Australian Wattle brooch STUNS every time it’s worn. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea, there’s no denying the impact this piece has. Presented to The Queen by the Government and People of Australia on Her Majesty’s first visit to Australia in 1954, the yellow and white diamond brooch is in the form of a spray of wattle, the national flower of Australia, and tea tree blossoms (Royal Collection Trust). Today I show you the back view, purely because I’ve never seen it before and there is a really nice detail of it. You can read and see more about the brooch at Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor. You can also check out some images and discussion in the comments of ROYGBIV-Yellow.

The Royal Collection Trust (above and below)
So nice they put her cypher on the back. You know, in case it gets lost.

Here’s a 47 carat yellow diamond bought by the Duke of Windsor for his wife to compliment her other pieces. After traveling through a few hands, it was sold by Estée Lauder’s family for the benefit of breast cancer research.



Luxembourg has a citrine parure, which has always veered more towards yellow than orange to me.


Some gorgeous photos and plenty of fantastic information over at ModekoninginMaxima brings our attention back to the HUGE citrine which is actually in Máxima’s private collection. Good golly I love the color on this one!


Queen Sirikit has this piece from van Cleef & Arpels, made with white and yellow diamonds and commonly known as the Thai tiara. You can read more about it at The Royal Watcher.



The Noor-ol-Ain Diamond tiara is one of the most recognizable pieces from the Iranian vault. Farah Diba received this piece upon her marriage to the Shah. Now, I know the central piece isn’t yellow, but overall I see this as a yellow piece.

Wikipedia Commons

Do any of these yellow beauties sing to you?

Show me your favorite royal yellow jewels in the comments! Keep it to yellow, please as gold will have its own category as we move forward.