Scrutinize the Series – Stills from The Crown

A couple of teasers from the new season of The Crown have been released. Diana makes her entrance, and I am conflicted, folks.

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First the good news. From these brief glimpses, Emma Corrin has Diana’s expressions and body language down pat. Now on to the bad news: the first two photos have me raising my sartorial eyebrows.

What dress would this be channeling? The Mail thought it was the famous deep navy Emanuel from her pre-marriage days, but that’s not early Diana in either dress or hair.

Still from Netflix trailer

It might be 1987 Cannes. Mercy, I wish they had attempted this floaty Walker number instead.

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I miss the earrings, if this is indeed that appearance.

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Using the hair and presence of the ring as an indication, the below is definitely 1981 Diana. If the suit is supposed to be an Emanuel or Sassoon we definitely need more detailing – a sailor collar or a ruffle or two. Good sleeve detail, though. I think Diana would have probably carried a clutch.

Netflix Still

I did find this, from a stop in Egypt on the return from the honeymoon. Possible inspiration?

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A few other stills have been released, of Diana in a pink dress, like the first photo below, and sporting a one shoulder floral number that *might* be a mashup of the two gowns in the slideshow.

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I am still looking forward to this season. Margaret Thatcher enters the stage and of course, the fabulous Erin Doherty comes back as Anne. I think we will all recognize the yellow dress below when it shows up. They have also captured Prince Charles slightly-flashy early eighties style very well.

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What are you anticipating?